Glass Cutting Board Set 1 Round+3 Rectangle

Size: 1 Round+3 Rectangle
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  • High-quality: Our clear glass cutting board is made of tempered glass. The glass surface is suitable for maintaining food safety, and it can keep water away from flowing around while slicing, dicing, or chopping
  • Durable high temperatures: The tempered cutting board is not easy to shatter. The glass board is easy to clean up, left with no oil. Withstand temperatures up to 518 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot pan or baking tray is free to put on it
  • No Slippery: With four rubber feet on the back, the clear glass board has excellent not slippery performance and could protect your counter from heat, condensation, scratches, and ensure it will not slide around while cutting (We have equipped extra rubber feet)
  • Modern Design: We have 3 rectangles ( 11.75"x15.75", 7.75"x11.75") and 1 round (11.75"x11.75") to meet your cutting board needs whether it's large or small. Not only the cutting board but also the modern and fashionable plate
  • [Please follow Murrey Home with interest] If you receive a broken product, please feel free to contact us and we will re-sent you a new set

Product description

Size:1 Round+3 Rectangle


Why choose  glass cutting board?
1. The clear-cutting board is made of hardness tempered glass, sturdy and durable. Its impact resistance is five times more powerful than ordinary glass so that it will not damage even dropped from 1-meter height.
2.At the same time, it can withstand the difference in temperature of 200℃(392℉), high temperatures up to 280℃(518℉).
3. The back of the board is covered with anti-skid pads, which can adapt to a dry and humid environment and can maintain the stability of the board during the use of cutting vegetables. (Notes: We do not recommend this product to put the dishwasher)
4.It is easy to clean the board with a smooth surface, while the smooth clear surface is not easy to condense water droplets


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